Invoice / Quote Books or Pads

Invoice / Quote Books or Pads Triplicate – A4 & A5

Our NCR books include:

  • 2 Sheets per set for Duplicate – Top Sheet White – Bottom Yellow, 3 sheets per set  for Triplicate – Top sheet White – Middle Blue – Bottom Yellow,  Alternate colours available for middle and bottom sheets.
  • Duplicate books you have a choice of 50 or 100 sets, Triplicate are in sets of 50s
  • Perforation for the Top sheet of each set with the bottom copy fixed in the book.
  • Optional numbering in red ink.
  • Option of Terms on the back of the top sheet
  • The choice of 1 Pms Colour or CMYK
  • Books come stapled with Buff Cover and wraparound writing shield, Pads are glued in sets with boxboard backing and wraparound
  • Custom Quotes are available for any variations, so please contact us.